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Yuying Secondary School Centennial Celebration @ Esplanade Theatre

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On the evening of 30th July 2010, Yuying Secondary School held their Centennial Celebration at the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, one of the world's busiest arts centres.


The cinematic-style animation backdrops for various scenes were created by a group of students from Yuying Secondary using CINEMA 4D, the same 3D professional software that is used by award-winning theatre designer, William Dudley in ‘Woman in White’ and the world’s first fully 360-degree projected animated stage set in a new production of Peter Pan. 


Mr Goh Aik Choon, the Principal of Yuying Secondary, was delighted with the success of the collaborative effort and remarked that “our students and teachers were grateful that the trainer from IM Innovations was able to closely handhold our students in their learning, ensuring that proper review was conducted to ascertain the quality of our students’ completed works.  The great rapport established between the trainer and students had also been critical in enabling the students’ prompt and enjoyable learning experience.” 


Pamela Chan, a teacher and member of the organising committee for the Centennial Concert observed that “Youth today expect a multimedia experience at live events. The idea of using digital props and effects to seamlessly blend with stage cast and physical props in a concert appealed to the organising committee when it was first mooted.”  


Lam Lai Ore, a former teacher involved in the initial planning of the concert found that IM Innovations had the right expertise and experience in similar innovative projects.  Once the school decided to collaborate with IM Innovations, a group of students were identified to learn CINEMA 4D.  These students were trained in various techniques of 3D modelling, animation, lighting, texturing and rendering.  After 60 hours of instructor-led hands-on workshop and project mentoring by the trainer, the team used their creative imagination to produce a series of impressive animation, some with dazzling 3D motion graphics, to act as 3D backdrops for the different performing groups. 


This Centennial Concert depicting the story of Yuying Secondary over the last 100 years is yet another showcase of how 3D animation and visual effects can be used in an innovative way to engage a new generation of younger audience. 


Below is an extract of the school’s Centennial Concert video and snapshots demonstrating the seamless 3D animation with live performances.


A preview of Yuying Sec Sch Centennial Celebration @ Esplanade Theatre.




 Launching the concert with the school’s current logo newly
 created in 3D, the first in a series of dazzling backdrops for
 the event. 

    Recreating and animating the school’s first building in 3D

    when Yuying Secondary was founded by the Hainanese

    Community in 1910.

 Using CINEMA 4D to create sky effect and set the mood for
 this scene.
    Changing the lighting effects and creating ominous dark
    clouds for the World War II backdrop.
Compositing actual video footages of bombings taken during
World War II with explosive effects which are digitally
created to heighten the atmosphere of chaos and turmoil.
    Using 3D motion graphics to create a virtual building with
    photorealistic rendering to depict Yuying Secondary’s current