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In line with the vision of IM Innovations, we offer innovative interactive and digital media technology solutions, training and professional services to industry professionals, educators and students.


Product Distribution

Believing in equipping our customers with the right tools to increase their productivity at work, we distribute a range of 3D software that is powerful, yet user-friendly and affordable, and meets the requirements of various industries. The products that we distribute include:


IM Innovations is the sole distributor of Cinema 4D, 3D Plants Kits and VRAYforC4D in Singapore and ASEAN countries.



Capabilities development is one of our key focus areas at IM Innovations. The MAXON Authorized Training Centre was set up to conduct customized 3D trainings for both industry professionals and students, and is an environment conducive for learning and sharing. With a team of dedicated and certified trainers that understands the skills required in the various industries, 3D skills and knowledge are passed on to participants through quality training materials and hands-on sessions.


The trainings that we conduct for industry professionals and students are supported by the Media Development Authority and the Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore respectively.


Project Development and Consultancy Services

At IM Innovations, we continuously support professional industries and educational institutes through proof-of-concept projects and project mentoring services.


Working together with companies in various industries, we explore the relevance of 3D to them and initiate possible 3D projects, such as creating 3D digital backdrops for a musical.


In schools, we also provide mentoring to students of different education levels on 3D projects that they are working on to display in major school events such as their schools’ anniversary and/or to take part in competitions such as 3D Graphics and Animation Competition, Schools Digital Media Award and National Infocomm Club Awards.