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A giant toothpaste tube parachuting from the sky, countless mint leaves fluttering in the air, mugs surfing down a raging river on wooden rafts… Just some of the crazy things happening in this fun commercial, all created with MAXON CINEMA 4D by Singapore-based Mustard Seed Creative.



CINEMA 4D easy-to-use standard particle system, together with its MoGraph system, made light work of the clouds and mint leaves in the opening shots. MoGraph cloners and effectors allowed precise control over the upward movement of the clouds, timed to the flight of the toothpaste tube. This gave more predictable and controllable results than with a particle simulation.

“We wanted the piece to look absolutely rich, colorful and lush, like a cartoon, but yet with a slightly more realistic lighting and shading.” said Andrew Phang, Creative Director and founder of Mustard Seed Creative. The final look was achieved thanks to CINEMA 4D intuitive lighting tools and powerful Physical Renderer render engine. “Much of the shading was a result of ambient occlusion, which renders so much faster with the Physical Renderer,” explains Andrew. “Especially at higher sample settings, with subsurface scattering, the Standard Renderer simply cannot compare in terms of speed and quality.”

Render passes and layers were then assembled and composited in Adobe After Effects. The depth and scale of the environments were enhanced with lots of atmosphere and depth-of-field, which–together with the soft glows and highlights–were all achieved thanks to the tight integration between CINEMA 4D and After Effects. Multipass renders also made it possible to create special effects like the foam and wake in the river, saving time over trying to simulate these with a real fluid solver. Objects selections were also rendered out as passes, which allowed Andrew to tweak and fine-tune the effects and treatment of any given element in the scene.

“CINEMA 4D is without a doubt the best tool for us,” affirms Andrew. “The work we do ranges from print and brand development, to interactive design and animation. CINEMA 4D integrates so seamlessly with Adobe applications, that we can work across different media. Also, CINEMA 4D is very artist-friendly and designers can easily produce great results without struggling with technical details.”

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Mustard Seed Creative is a design and creative consultancy with a fierce passion for digital art. They are a team of dedicated specialists who are driven by the same burning desire to create outstanding work.

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