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CINEMA 4D is used by Moving Bits in its award-winning works that combine creative story telling skills with animation skills of world class artists. Many of the documentaries, commercials and animation created by the company have included digital animation.


During the inauguration of the MAXON Competence Centre @ TP on 25 January 2013, Moving Bit’s CEO, Jay Soo, was a guest speaker. He revealed the magic of CINEMA 4D to the audience with his engaging presentation, and introduced his talented creative team.




"Moving Bits used CINEMA 4D in the production of a short TVC spot featuring false eyelashes crawling across a table. The eyelashes had to creep slowly, pause, check for danger and then hurry on. This whole movement had to be fluid and natural, like a hairy, black caterpillar crawling across the table!

CINEMA 4D proved to be the perfect solution because the software made rigging quick and easy. Rendering speed was also very good. It was a very efficient way to create the most tricky movements of the animated subject – in our case, the weight and movement of tiny hairs."

- Hazrul Idzwan Lamin

  Assistant Director of Animation




"The Incanto project (not unlike many other projects) was a highly creative project but had a very compressed timeline that required a lot of tedious work to be done in a very short time. In one scene, we had to animate the flipping of pages of a thick book. The movement of the pages had to be smooth and in response to a forceful draught blowing from one direction. CINEMA 4D was perfect for this and the end result impressed everyone.

Additionally, we found CINEMA 4D to be a very productive solution as it was easy to learn. Members of the post-production team who had not used the software before picked it up in a relatively short time, thus allowing the project to be divided into portions and workflow to be seamlessly integrated."

- Russell Lye

  Director of Animation


About Moving Bits:

Moving Bits is a US and Singapore-based company that combines the creative story telling of professionals from around the world with the animation skills of some world class artists to produce award-winning shows with an attitude. 


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