Moving Bits

CINEMA 4D is used by Moving Bits in its award-winning works that combine creative story telling skills with animation skills of world class artists. Many of the documentaries, commercials and animation created by the company have included digital animation, 3D rendering as well as live video footage integrated with 3D effects.

Mustard Seed Creative

‘Summer Fun 2012’– Is an example of how CINEMA 4D is used to create full CG animation for a TV commercial by Mustard Seed Creative. Everything in the sequence was modelled from scratch, and the friendly and easy-to-use CINEMA 4D aided in making the process fun.


Temasek Polytechnic

Our long time partner and customer, Temasek Polytechnic, makes use of CINEMA 4D in many different ways. From educating tertiary students about 3D visualisation and design, to creating architecture walkthroughs of the school premises, and even animating short clips, CINEMA 4D is used to the fullest by the school. 

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